Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio with Python

Visualizing the sound coming through your computer's microphone using Python's plotting tools.
Color Compressor

KMeans Color Compressor

Using a clustering algorithm called KMeans, I stylize images by forcing pixels into groups of colors.
Hall of Fame Probability

Will Joey Votto Make the Hall Of Fame?

Using machine learning methods, I investigate what it takes to make the HOF and who among active players is likely to join the legends.
Word Highlighter Plot

Which Word is the Most Biblical?

This web-crawler extracts the text from around the web then finds and highlights the most common words.
Analysis Tree Maker

Analysis Tree Maker

This C++ code is used to convert an unmanageable 60+TB of data into a smaller, but still usable data structure for extracting physics results.

zPlot - A ROOT Extension

A C++ class to make managing plot-like objects within CERN's ROOT program simpler, more user-friendly, and more consistent.
Random Walker Example

The Drunken Walker(s)

A visualization of the classic "drunken walk" physics thought-experiment. A mix of random numbers and Jackson Pollock.
Baseball Simulator

Baseball Simulator

Input the statistics of two teams of baseball players, then simulate games to your heart's content.

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